Help From the Bible

Prayer before reading the Holy Bible

Father, anoint me with your Holy Spirit, so that as I read your eternal word, your word may penetrate my whole being and transform me. Grant me the blessing to be a faithful disciple in believing the Word of God and that I may be a light shining upon all who are in darkness Amen

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How and Where to Find It

The Bible comprise of number of Books. Finding the way around it is one of the first and most important skills to learn.

Flick through the Bible. At the top of each page you will see the name of a book and a chapter number. For Example

Look down the page, and you will see that each chapter is divided into verses

Many people think the original authors wrote the books in that way. This is not true. Chapter division did not officially appear in a Bible until the 13th century.It is said that the division into chapters was made so that monks could listen to meal-sized chunks of Bible text while they ate their meals in the chapter house,thus the name 'Chapter' came into been.

Chapters have been divided into verse since 1551 when Robert Estienne, a publisher in Paris, issued a New Testament arranged in that way.

Ever since then chapters and verses have stayed popular because, like sign post, they help you to find just what you want when you are looking through the Bible.For example:

  • Is the future uncertain?

  • Mathew 6.25 - 34; Psalm 121

  • Tempted?

  • Psalm 51; Romans 7.19 - 25;Matthew 4.1-11

  • Facing Crisis?

  • Joshuwa 1.5-9;2 Samuel 22.2- 7

  • Family Problems

  • Luke 15. 11 -32;Ephesians . 1-4

  • Been Hurt or insulted?

  • 1 Peter 3.8-17; 1 Corinthians 13

  • In love?

  • Songs of Songs 2.10-14; 8.6-7
  • In doubt about God?

  • Acts 17.22-28; Jeremiah 29.11-13

  • Lonly or afraid?

  • Psalm 23;John 14.15-20

  • Worried about Money

  • 1 Timothy 6.6-8; Matthew 7.7-12

  • Discouraged?

  • Psalm 130;Romans 8.31-39

  • Thankful or happy?

  • Psalm 103; 1 Chronicles 16.8-11

  • How to Pray

  • Matthew 6. 5-14; James 5.13-18
  • The Power of the Word Of God

    All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuke error, correcting faults, and giving instructions for right living. (2 Timothy 3:16)

    What Powers does the Bible has

  • Power to Create- Ps33:6-9

  • Power to give life - Ezek 37:10

  • Power to give eternal life - Jn 6:68

  • Power to correct human behaviour - 2 Tim 3:16

  • Power to effect change of heart - Lk 3:2,3,10

  • Power to forgive - Mt 9:5

  • Power to console - Ps 119:50

  • Power to hope - Ps 119:142

  • Power to heal - Wis 16:12

  • Power to liberate - Jn 8:31 - 32

  • Power to enlighten - Ps 119:130

  • Power to direct our way - Ps 119:105

  • inspired word of God in Theology

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